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New Workplace Safety Tool Puts Your Employees First

September 14, 2016

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. (Sept. 14, 2016) – CCIG is pleased to introduce our new Risk Management Center platform as part of our commitment to help you improve workplace safety and keep claims and premiums under control.

We’ve put all of the safety documents and loss-prevention programs you need in one place.

Our new comprehensive web-based service gives your company access to state-of-the-art behavior-based safety programs, incident tracking, return-to-work programs and insurance certificate tracking. You’ll also be able to manage safety data sheets and ensure you’re in compliance with OSHA standards.

The platform is easy to access and the tools cover all aspects of workplace safety.

What’s more, our dedicated Risk Control Service team can help you craft and implement effective safety and risk management practices in your business. CCIG’s team stays at your side throughout the process, working with you to create a safer work environment by identifying, managing and reducing risks.

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In today’s ever-changing risk environment,
CCIG is the one constant.

  • CCIG’s Risk Management Center can help you prevent losses and better manage your claims.
  • CCIG’s Risk Control Service team helps you put CCIG’s Risk Management Center tools to work.
  • CCIG’s Claim Advocacy Service helps you resolve first-party claims and limit third-party claims that do occur.
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