Pinnacol to Cut Workers’ Compensation Rates by 7.4% in 2018

workers compensation rates

Colorado’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, Pinnacol Assurance, is cutting rates for next year by a whopping average of 7.4 percent, one of the largest drops in the past few years. The rate cut for 2017 averaged 3.2 percent for the insurer’s 57,000 or so Colorado policyholders. It was 3.6 percent for 2016. Next year’s drop,… Read more »

Getting Your Return-to-Work Program Working


The rates vary from state to state, but from 10 to 18 percent of injured workers never reach “substantial return to work,” according to a study from the Workers Compensation Research Institute. What does “substantial return to work” mean? The phrase refers to workers who returned to work after an injury and continued to work… Read more »

Why Workers’ Compensation isn’t for Workers Only

workers' compensation owners

Workers’ compensation was established to help workers get back to work after they’re injured on the job. But did you know that the owner of a company also can get coverage under workers’ comp? Workers’ comp, of course, has been around for decades. The laws governing it were enacted in Colorado as a form of… Read more »

Exclusion Turns Construction Insurance Coverage into Swiss Cheese

construction liability insurance

It sounds like arcane legalese, dry and certainly without the mystery or mystic. Indeed, if you were to come across the term “third-party over action,” your eyes might just glaze over. Well, try to stay alert for a moment or two, because we’re talking about an area of growing concern, especially if you’re a subcontractor…. Read more »

Case Study: An Eye for Details Yields Big Workers’ Compensation Savings

workers' compensation

BUSINESS: Medical laboratory EMPLOYEES: 99 THE CHALLENGE: When it comes to workers’ compensation, a company’s experience modification rate, or E-Mod, can be the difference between night and day, profit and loss, exotic travel and staycations. A national workers’ comp rate-setting body determines a company’s E-Mod based on its record of injury claims in the workplace…. Read more »

Workers’ Comp Claims High? Trying Cutting Workplace Stress

Every job comes with a certain amount of stress. Too much of it, however, could result in more workplace accidents and higher workers’ compensation claims. That’s the central finding of a new study from the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health. Typically, all sorts of what are known… Read more »

Employers Can Do More to Stop the Opioid Epidemic

The nation’s opioid-abuse epidemic may be easing, but few believe the crisis is anywhere close to being over. According to the Workers Compensation Research Institute, “noticeable decreases” did, in fact, show up in the amount of opioids prescribed per workers’ compensation claim in a majority of 25 states it studied. The study compared the amount… Read more »

Red-Hot Housing Market Drives Demand for Wraps

The Denver housing market has been hot, raising concerns about affordability and availability for those buying a home. Those issues also are a problem for residential construction companies in need of insurance. Because of Colorado’s construction-defect laws, finding traditional insurance coverage for an apartment, condominium or townhouse project can be expensive. That, in turn, has… Read more »