Many Cannabis Industry Injuries Reported Among Newest Workers

The first months on any job can be hazardous. That’s true for a lot of industries and was proven once more in an analysis of cannabis industry injuries.

The first few months on the job can be hazardous to your health. That’s true for a lot of industries and, sure enough, was proven once more in a recent Pinnacol Assurance analysis of occupational injury trends in the cannabis industry. Pinnacol found that 38% of all injuries in the cannabis business occurred in the… Read more »

Restaurant Worker Injury Data Offers Lessons for Hotel Owners

If they aren’t already, hotel owners with a coffee shop or restaurant now have one more thing to worry about: Barista wrist. How serious is this? According to claims data compiled by workers’ compensation carrier AmTrust Financial Services Inc., wrist injuries suffered by coffee shop employees resulted in an average of 366 days away from… Read more »