A Corporate Wellness Trend With Legs

corporate wellness trends

What’s new and different on the workplace wellness front? What innovations are gaining traction? What’s going to be big in 2018? The answers to those questions include the adoption of data to meet a demand for personalization in wellness programs, the introduction of meditation and even naps at the office. But perhaps the most compelling… Read more »

Choosing the Right Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness program

According to a RAND survey, roughly half of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees sponsor some type of corporate wellness program. With rising health care costs and absenteeism due to health problems on the rise, wellness programs can be a good way to improve employee health and morale while cutting health-related costs for employers…. Read more »

Are Fitness Trackers More Fiction than Fact?

fitness trackers

Fitness trackers have gotten some negative press lately, raising questions about whether they truly deliver on their promise of better health and medical-cost savings. Most recently, Stanford cardiologist Euan Ashley and a few of his colleagues took a close look at the performance of seven of the most popular trackers and compared their accuracy to… Read more »

Drop the Stick, Use Carrots in Your Employee Wellness Program

wellness incentives

Things got ugly on the corporate wellness front a couple of years ago. Companies were increasingly telling their workers they needed to enroll in their wellness programs or else. Mostly, that meant workers were asked to pay a higher share of their health insurance premiums. In the most extreme cases, workers lost their employer health… Read more »

6 Ways to Create a Wellness Culture at Your Company

wellness and corporate culture

If you’re thinking about launching a wellness program at your workplace, you’ll want to think about your company culture first. This isn’t a simple matter of picking a gym program, introducing a team challenge or changing the cafeteria menu. It’s a matter of making sure that health and wellness are ingrained into the everyday thinking… Read more »

Employee Wellbeing: Critical to the Health of Your Business

employee wellness

Still thinking about whether to bring a wellness program into your workplace? Consider this, then: Nearly 80% of employers surveyed by Virgin Pulse, a wellness platform company, consider employee well-being a key component of company strategy. Virgin Pulse’s 2017 State of the Industry report also found that 87% of employers have already invested, or plan… Read more »

CCIG Wins Wellness Award (Once Again!)

CCIG takes the health and wellness of our employees seriously, which may help explain why our insurance brokerage just won the Pinnacol Assurance Worksite Wellness award for the second time in a row. Winning the January-June contest means our program receives another $2,000 award and that each participant receives $100. Better yet, it means that… Read more »