Construction Leads U.S. Industries in Struck-By Accidents, Deaths

struck-by accidents

The headlines say it all: “Worker killed by steamroller,” “Worker hit and killed on Highway 9,” “Worker hit, killed in construction zone.” Highway maintenance workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the construction field, as do power-line installers and excavators. So says a new study that examines the role of “struck-by” hazards in… Read more »

7 Ways Schools Can Improve Playground Safety

playground safety

Swings, monkey bars and playground gyms. As much fun as they might be, these are the places where children most often suffer traumatic brain injuries. In fact, despite efforts to make playgrounds safer with protective surfacing and the like, the number of children treated for such injuries soared from 23 per 100,000 in 2005 to… Read more »

What Nursing Homes Can Do To Prevent Residents From Wandering

nursing home safety

Here’s a trend in health care that might surprise you: dementia rates in the U.S. are falling. Researchers had been expecting the reverse, especially in light of an aging population and the fact that more people than ever suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure – two leading contributors to memory-related disorders. Despite that, a… Read more »

In College? How to Stay Safe While on Spring Break

spring break safety

Heading somewhere fun for spring break? If so, and sorry if this sounds like your dad, but please try to behave and drink responsibly. Why? Well, obviously, because you could get sick, hurt or worse. “Binge drinking is probably one the most concerning of all activities that college students engage in while on spring break,”… Read more »

Workers’ Comp Claims High? Trying Cutting Workplace Stress

Every job comes with a certain amount of stress. Too much of it, however, could result in more workplace accidents and higher workers’ compensation claims. That’s the central finding of a new study from the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health. Typically, all sorts of what are known… Read more »

7 Winter Driving Safety Tips to Keep Your Drivers Safe

Safety is always top of mind for fleet managers but few things do more to focus their minds on safety than winter driving. Winter, as we all know, is a dangerous time to be on the road. A University of Georgia researcher found that from 1996 to 2011, more than 12,000 people died in the… Read more »

Keeping Sleepy Truck Drivers Alert, Premiums Down

It happened again, this time on a road near Palm Springs, Calif., when a tour bus slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer not long before sunrise. Killed were the driver and 12 of his passengers, all returning from a trip to a casino in the California desert. Exactly what might have caused the October… Read more »