5 Ways Hotels Can Protect Employees from Sexual Harassment

Here are five safety tips that hotel management can follow to help their employees fight against sexual harassment and other threatening situations.

America’s largest hotel brands banded together last fall in a collective effort to protect workers from assault and sexual harassment. The lawsuits filed by housekeepers and other hotel workers, however, have continued, with allegations that their employers simply haven’t done enough to protect them from guest misconduct and, as a consequence, creating a hostile work… Read more »

4 Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Deaths and injuries are on the rise. Here are four ways construction companies can reduce workplace accidents and promote construction site safety.

If you’re in the construction business, the latest figures about workplace-related deaths in Colorado are nothing short of alarming, an urgent reminder to make sure you’re emphasizing training and safety. While the numbers for all industries saw a slight decrease from 2016 to 2017, fatalities in the construction industry jumped by almost 60 percent. The… Read more »

Getting ‘Smart’ About Construction Safety with Wearables

Wearables aren’t for fitness alone anymore. Increasingly, wearable sensors are being deployed to help improve construction worker safety.

Are you wearing a fitness tracker? They’re great, right? You can count your steps, check your heart rate, track muscle development and more. But wearables aren’t for fitness alone anymore. Increasingly, wearable sensors are being deployed to help improve construction worker safety. Wearable technology is being embedded into hard hats, gloves, safety vests and work… Read more »

Is Your Safety Program Working?  

safety program

The investigations, finger-pointing and lawsuits arising from the deaths of two construction workers in a scaffolding collapse near Disney World this summer could easily drag on for years. Beyond the immediate horror, if you’re in the construction business, hearing the news from Orlando might have evoked a sense of relief that nothing like that has… Read more »

Cannabis Workers Need Formal Safety Training: Study

safety training

There’s a looming need to establish formal health and safety training programs for workers in the rapidly growing cannabis industry. That’s the conclusion of a survey of cannabis workers who told Colorado State University occupational health researchers that they received inconsistent training, despite their likely exposure to biological, chemical and physical hazards. The study, its… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Video Surveillance in Childcare Centers

childcare video surveillance cameras

The vast majority of childcare centers, preschools and pre-kindergartens are run by owners who are scrupulous about the safety of the children in their care. Occasionally, however, operators get into trouble when standards aren’t met. It happened to a daycare operator in Colorado recently, which was ordered to close its doors after authorities found repeated… Read more »

Case Study: Advocating for Our Non-Profit Clients

non-profit insurance

BUSINESS: Hospice EMPLOYEES: 188 THE CHALLENGE:  Running a business well means watching the bottom line. That’s doubly true when you’re running a non-profit. Every dollar spent on the rent, furnishings and, yes, insurance, means fewer dollars for fulfilling your mission. Our client, one of the largest hospices in the Rocky Mountain region, was spending hundreds… Read more »

How to Make Schools Safer With or Without Guns

We all want safe schools. Here are a few approaches that merit serious, if not immediate, consideration from school owners and administrators.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., intensified the national debate over how far schools should go to protect their students. There has been no shortage of conflicting opinions about how to make schools safe – even without bringing armed teachers into the equation. Some experts say greater emphasis is needed… Read more »