9 Tips to Make Oil and Gas Executive Travel Safer

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Last fall, more than 500 of some of the world’s leading authorities in the oil and gas industry traveled to London for an industry conference that, among other pieces of business, examined the biggest challenges facing the energy industry. The risks posed by environmental regulations, specifically rules that would classify huge chunks of coal, oil… Read more »

A Better Environmental Pollution Insurance Policy

environmental pollution insurance

The EPA sued an oil and gas company the other day for alleged Clean Air Act violations, proving two things: 1. The Trump administration’s EPA, while seemingly more business-friendly today than it might have been under President Barrack Obama, nonetheless remains resolute in its pursuit of purported polluters. 2. The need for the right kind… Read more »

Pollution Policies for Hidden Disasters

The oil and gas industry works hard to avoid any harm to the environment. Yet problems crop up. Leaky wells and chemical spills can contaminate the ground or even water supplies. The damage to a company’s reputation can be even worse. When these issues erupt, insurance helps put things back on track, right? Actually, not… Read more »