3 Ways to Protect Your Preschool from Negligence Lawsuits


The world is filled with plaintiff’s lawyers, some very good, others far less so. If you’re a daycare center or preschool operator, you hopefully will never have to deal with either type. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and a negligence lawsuit can put you out of business, if only because of the attendant reputational harm. Assume for… Read more »

Professional Liability Coverage for Real Estate Investors

real estate

The latest update of the Downtown Denver Partnership’s development map highlights two important figures for anyone involved or just watching the commercial real estate scene. First, it shows that the area has seen 83 completed or under-construction projects since 2013. Secondly, the value of all these projects is more than $5 billion. Wow, right? Better… Read more »

How Homeowner’s Insurance Protects Skiers

How does homeowner’s insurance protect us from liability when we (or our children) trigger collisions on the ski slopes? And what will a policy cover?

Ski season has arrived once again and with it comes concerns about injuries, hospitalization costs and liability. If you fall while skiing and are hurt, your medical insurance helps pay the costs. But what happens when you crash into and injure someone else? Or when your injury is another skier’s fault? Who pays? If you’re… Read more »

How to Control your Commercial Auto Policy Costs

Respondeat superior. Yes, that’s another Latin phrase few of us learned in school. But if you’re the owner of a company whose employees drive company-owned or even their own vehicles for work, it’s a phrase you’d better understand. Very simply, we’re talking about a legal doctrine that translates into “let the master answer.” That means… Read more »