Lawmakers Fail to Pass School Discipline Legislation

school discipline

One of the many bills that Colorado lawmakers considered in the just-concluded legislative session would have meant big changes in the way schools discipline students. House Bill 1210 would have put strict limits on suspensions and expulsions for students in kindergarten through second grade, as well as preschoolers in state-funded programs. It would have allowed… Read more »

Exclusion Turns Construction Insurance Coverage into Swiss Cheese

construction liability insurance

It sounds like arcane legalese, dry and certainly without the mystery or mystic. Indeed, if you were to come across the term “third-party over action,” your eyes might just glaze over. Well, try to stay alert for a moment or two, because we’re talking about an area of growing concern, especially if you’re a subcontractor…. Read more »

Failing to Account for Worst-Case Scenarios

A slip-and-fall during the backyard barbecue and pool party for your favorite charity. The tree limb that breaks and falls while a guest is on the rope swing at the edge of your lakefront home. A grinding collision during a cruise on the water with friends in your new boat. The potential for mayhem –… Read more »