Are You Covered For ADA Lawsuits?

For disability activists and their lawyers, the story wasn’t new. Only this time, “60 Minutes” was airing its version of it, highlighting for a national audience abuses by lawyers and their clients who file “drive-by” lawsuits alleging violations of the American Disabilities Act. They’re called “drive-by” because in some states, someone can simply drive by… Read more »

Failing to Account for Worst-Case Scenarios

A slip-and-fall during the backyard barbecue and pool party for your favorite charity. The tree limb that breaks and falls while a guest is on the rope swing at the edge of your lakefront home. A grinding collision during a cruise on the water with friends in your new boat. The potential for mayhem –… Read more »

Directors and Officers Insurance: Your Last Line of Defense

The number of federal class action securities lawsuits shot up last year to 189, an 11 percent increase over the previous year and the most since the 2008 financial meltdown. Even more dramatically, the total “disclosure dollar loss” of cases filed in 2015 jumped to $106 billion from $57 billion in 2014, an 86 percent… Read more »