What Trump’s ACA Changes Will Mean for Small Employers

aca executive order reforms

Amid the many questions it raised, there’s one thing clear now that President Trump has signed an executive order that would begin to dismantle the Affordable Care Act: Small-business owners, particularly those with fewer than 50 employees, will want to reconsider their decision to send those workers to ACA exchanges for their coverage. The owners… Read more »

Video: Ways to Control Your Healthcare Costs

control rising healthcare costs

CCIG Employee Benefits Insurance Advisor Amy Grienke talks about rising healthcare costs and offers advice on how to control them. Read: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

Anthem Likely to Retreat from Obamacare for 2018, Analysts Say

Anthem Inc. is likely to pull back from Obamacare’s individual insurance markets in a big way for next year, according to a report from analysts who said they met with the company, a move that could limit coverage options for consumers at a politically crucial time for the law. Anthem “is leaning toward exiting a… Read more »

Healthy Benefits Tied to Healthy Corporate Reputation

company health benefits

Efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare flopped in Congress. So now what? Regardless of what happens next, the quality of your company’s health benefits package will no doubt have a distinct impact on your reputation. That’s according to a survey from the Healthcare Trends Institute, which found – not surprisingly – that the majority of… Read more »

3 Things We Now Know About How Obamacare Might Change

While it’s not a finished product, GOP lawmakers are expected to unveil legislation sometime this week to repeal and replace ObamaCare. According to various news reports, here’s a general idea of three changes the Republicans will attempt to push through. 1. It would seek to protect people with pre-existing conditions The ObamaCare provision that bars… Read more »

How Will Health Care Insurance Change Under Trump?

About 150 million people are covered by employer-sponsored health plans in the U.S. What happens to them if Congress and the new Trump administration repeal the Affordable Care Act? It depends on how far they go. Before his inauguration, Trump said the replacement he’d like to see for ObamaCare should cover everyone, a pledge that… Read more »