Jussie Smollett and the Case for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employee lawsuits have soared. Some of those lawsuits were warranted. But you're more likely to be sued by an employee than to have a fire in your building.

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett generated plenty of headlines after allegedly falsely claiming he was attacked in a hate crime on the streets of Chicago. The hospital where he sought treatment also ended up in the news after firing a number of employees who purportedly improperly reviewed Smollett’s medical records. Until late March, Smollett faced the… Read more »

DOL Offers Employers a Better Way to Resolve Wage-and-Hour Violations

wage and hour violations

Allegations of withholding tips or failing to pay employees minimum wage or overtime have hit the restaurant, landscaping, construction and childcare sectors, among others. For employers with large workforces, the potential liability in these cases can be staggering, often in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the latest figures, the 10… Read more »

Are You Covered if Your Nanny Sues for Harassment?

Let’s say you live in Denver and your nanny quits suddenly and files a lawsuit for sexual harassment after your husband purportedly made inappropriate comments to her when they were alone in the house together. Or perhaps your husband is unhappy with the gardener. You fire him (the gardener, not your husband), and he responds… Read more »

Preventing Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

sexual harassment claims

Going to work can be physically and emotionally taxing, with workers frequently facing unstable work schedules, unpleasant and potentially hazardous working conditions, and an often-hostile social environment. Any of the multitudes of women who have recently stepped forward to share their accounts of being groped and otherwise harassed by men in political life, in entertainment… Read more »

When Lawyers Sue Law Firms Over Discrimination

Some of the nation’s largest employers signed a pledge at the White House this summer agreeing to review their pay practices annually as well as their hiring and promotion policies. “We strive every day to create a world where people can belong anywhere, and that starts with creating a workplace where employees of every age,… Read more »