2018 HSA Limit for Family Coverage Reduced

hsa limit

The IRS has announced changes to certain tax limits for 2018, including a reduced contribution limit for health savings accounts, or HSAs. The new tax law enacted late last year — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — changed the consumer price index for making annual adjustments to the HSA limits. Using the new index,… Read more »

Case Study: Advocating for Better Health Outcomes

better health outcomes

THE CHALLENGE: We know that medications can be expensive, especially new or experimental treatments. Sometimes, the big pharmaceutical companies will discount or even give away drugs that are out of reach for low-income patients. And sometimes they don’t. Insurance companies, meanwhile, will sometimes cover certain drugs and sometimes won’t. That reality was what our client’s… Read more »

Video: Taking the Pain Out of Open Enrollment

open enrollment tips

CCIG Account Executive Storma McMurry talks about open enrollment and offers tips on how companies can make it through this season more effectively. Related: Are You Ready for Open Enrollment Season?

Are Fitness Trackers More Fiction than Fact?

fitness trackers

Fitness trackers have gotten some negative press lately, raising questions about whether they truly deliver on their promise of better health and medical-cost savings. Most recently, Stanford cardiologist Euan Ashley and a few of his colleagues took a close look at the performance of seven of the most popular trackers and compared their accuracy to… Read more »