Jussie Smollett and the Case for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employee lawsuits have soared. Some of those lawsuits were warranted. But you're more likely to be sued by an employee than to have a fire in your building.

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett generated plenty of headlines after allegedly falsely claiming he was attacked in a hate crime on the streets of Chicago. The hospital where he sought treatment also ended up in the news after firing a number of employees who purportedly improperly reviewed Smollett’s medical records. Until late March, Smollett faced the… Read more »

Video: The Case for Employment Practices Liability Insurance

employment practices liability coverage

CCIG VP and Insurance Advisor Scott Carlson lays out what it is and why, even if Harvey Weinstein or Bill O’Reilly aren’t working for you, employment practices liability coverage can be so critical today.

What Childcare Centers Can Do to Reduce Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

wrongful termination lawsuits

Negligence is a legal concept that most childcare center operators know all too well. They fully understand they can be sued for liability if they fail to supervise and educate children in a safe and clean environment. But what about the liability that centers have to their staff? Childcare and early-education employees today expect a… Read more »

Are You Covered For ADA Lawsuits?

For disability activists and their lawyers, the story wasn’t new. Only this time, “60 Minutes” was airing its version of it, highlighting for a national audience abuses by lawyers and their clients who file “drive-by” lawsuits alleging violations of the American Disabilities Act. They’re called “drive-by” because in some states, someone can simply drive by… Read more »

When Lawyers Sue Law Firms Over Discrimination

Some of the nation’s largest employers signed a pledge at the White House this summer agreeing to review their pay practices annually as well as their hiring and promotion policies. “We strive every day to create a world where people can belong anywhere, and that starts with creating a workplace where employees of every age,… Read more »