CCIG Unveils Cybersecurity Assessment Tool 

cyberattack assessment tool

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. – CCIG has created an online cybersecurity assessment tool that businesses can use as a starting point to determine their readiness to withstand a cyberattack. The tool, which can be found here, includes a scored quiz that covers questions ranging from how companies handle confidential data to their policies regarding passwords. “Despite the… Read more »

7 Ways Cyber Insurance Policies Can Help You Respond to a Data Breach

What, exactly, does a cyber insurance policy do for you beyond offering liability coverage in case of a data breach?

By now, most of us understand that the potential for a cyber hack is as great for a small company as it might be for the largest employers. In response, insurers have been offering cyber coverage for years. But what, exactly, does one of these policies do for you beyond offering liability coverage for a… Read more »

Schools: The Latest Cyber-Attack Target

schools cyber attack

Government agencies, businesses, hospitals and universities have long been targets of data breaches. Now K-12 and even preschools are also at risk, with cyber-attacks aimed at parents’ credit-card numbers, medical data and other sensitive information routinely collected on students and stored on school servers. Schools, unfortunately, make for relatively easy targets. According to a survey… Read more »

Cyber Liability Coverage Often Absent at Law Firms

Cybersecurity experts like to say that there are two types of businesses today: Those that have been breached and know it, and those that have been breached and just don’t know it. It’s a bad joke, no doubt, but law firms in particular will want to take it seriously. Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms… Read more »