Schools: The Latest Cyber-Attack Target

schools cyber attack

Government agencies, businesses, hospitals and universities have long been targets of data breaches. Now K-12 and even preschools are also at risk, with cyber-attacks aimed at parents’ credit-card numbers, medical data and other sensitive information routinely collected on students and stored on school servers. Schools, unfortunately, make for relatively easy targets. According to a survey… Read more »

Cyber Liability Coverage Often Absent at Law Firms

Cybersecurity experts like to say that there are two types of businesses today: Those that have been breached and know it, and those that have been breached and just don’t know it. It’s a bad joke, no doubt, but law firms in particular will want to take it seriously. Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms… Read more »

Why the Benefits of Cyber Insurance Outweigh Costs

The Catholic Archdiocese of Denver reports a data breach that has the potential to affect about 18,000 people in its database. The Olympia School District in the state of Washington announces it was the victim of a phishing email that released personal information of school district employees, including salary and Social Security numbers. The City… Read more »