Construction Leads U.S. Industries in Struck-By Accidents, Deaths

struck-by accidents

The headlines say it all: “Worker killed by steamroller,” “Worker hit and killed on Highway 9,” “Worker hit, killed in construction zone.” Highway maintenance workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the construction field, as do power-line installers and excavators. So says a new study that examines the role of “struck-by” hazards in… Read more »

Exclusion Turns Construction Insurance Coverage into Swiss Cheese

construction liability insurance

It sounds like arcane legalese, dry and certainly without the mystery or mystic. Indeed, if you were to come across the term “third-party over action,” your eyes might just glaze over. Well, try to stay alert for a moment or two, because we’re talking about an area of growing concern, especially if you’re a subcontractor…. Read more »

A breakthrough on construction defects reform

Lawmakers at the state Capitol say they have finally reached a compromise over a contentious construction defects reform bill that requires a majority of homeowners in a condominium complex — not just the homeowner association board — give consent to taking legal action against a builder for shoddy workmanship. Rep. Alec Garnett, D-Denver, a co-sponsor… Read more »

A Renewed Push to Build More Condos in Colorado

Anyone hoping to buy a condominium in Colorado may soon get some good news – assuming the state legislature can overcome a few hurdles and objections. Condos are tough to find in our state because of the way construction-defect laws are written. Reform efforts have failed in the past but state lawmakers this year are… Read more »

Foiling Construction Site Thefts

They are brazen, ruthless and cost the commercial and residential construction industry billions of dollars a year. Losses from thefts at construction sites, long a problem, have skyrocketed thanks to the building boom and the soaring price of materials such as copper, lumber and cement. Not just materials are disappearing. Thieves snatch doors, windows, bathtubs, appliances… Read more »

Drones in Construction: Are You Covered?

drones construction insurance

Invasion of privacy. Cyber laws. Even acts of war. Use of unmanned aerial drones in the construction industry raises all kinds of risks, few of which are addressed in general liability policies, which typically include aviation exclusions. Despite that, the use of camera-mounted drones in coming years is expected to become commonplace at construction sites,… Read more »