Hurricanes: Another Reason to Bond Your Subs  

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It would take fewer than 30 dominoes to wipe out the Empire State Building. Unbelievable, right? Perhaps, but a University of Toronto physics professor theorized as much in a demonstration showing that dominoes can actually knock down things about one-and-a-half times their size. Thus, starting from a domino five millimeters tall, it would take just… Read more »

Hiring a Subcontractor? Let a Surety Take on the Risk

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Few states have experienced the construction-industry labor shortage more than Colorado. For general contractors, the problem has made finding a reliable subcontractor more difficult than usual – much more difficult. Nearly 10 years after the housing bust drove an estimated 30% of construction workers into new fields, contractors everywhere are struggling to find workers. According… Read more »

Is the Soft Surety Bond Market About to Harden?

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Total U.S. construction starts this year are expected to grow 5 percent to $713 billion, according to the latest Dodge Construction forecast. That’s far slower than the 11 percent increase seen in 2015 and yet much healthier than Dodge’s revised 1 percent estimate for 2016. This suggests a few things. For starters, we’ll see more… Read more »