GOP’s Health Insurance Overhaul Termed ‘Obamacare light’

obamacare overhaul

Will the Affordable Care Act be replaced by the House Republicans’ long-awaited plan, which they’re calling the American Health Care Act? Maybe, maybe not. Hard-right House and Senate Republicans came out in opposition immediately after the plan was unveiled Monday night. “I think what they’re putting forward is Obamacare light,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said…. Read more »

How Will Health Care Insurance Change Under Trump?

About 150 million people are covered by employer-sponsored health plans in the U.S. What happens to them if Congress and the new Trump administration repeal the Affordable Care Act? It depends on how far they go. Before his inauguration, Trump said the replacement he’d like to see for ObamaCare should cover everyone, a pledge that… Read more »

Health Benefits Viewed as Vital Perk

The largest employers in the U.S. almost universally continue to offer health insurance to their employees. That’s one of the big findings of a new survey from the Employee Benefits Research Institute that examined what employers are doing about their health benefits. Its research underscores that benefits are just as critical as ever in the… Read more »