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Whether you have a small or large operation, grow wheat or raise cattle, CCIG’s Agriculture team can help tailor a policy to meet your unique insurance needs.

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Athletic Facilities

CCIG’s Athletic Facilities team has helped Sports and Entertainment clients design cost-effective insurance programs that address their organization’s risks for more than 30 years.

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CCIG works with all of the major aviation insurance companies, so we can help you with the most robust insurance and risk-management programs available.

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Because of the unique risks facing craft brewers, CCIG has developed a comprehensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program (HACCP) that addresses every part of the production process and can help you get back up and running in case of a disruption to your business.

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Cannabis & Industrial Hemp

CCIG serves a variety of cannabis and industrial hemp operations including growers, manufacturers and distributors. We bring decades of experience in agriculture, health care, transportation and worker safety — all areas that play a part in running a cannabis or industrial hemp business.

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Community Associations

Whether your association represents condominium owners, homeowners or property owners, CCIG can structure a comprehensive, customizable risk management program to meet your needs, no matter the size.

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Construction is one of our specialties at CCIG, allowing us to offer you integrated risk management solutions whether you’re on a single job or running multi-site, multimillion-dollar projects.

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CCIG serves the insurance and risk management needs of educational institutions of all kinds, ranging from early childhood-daycare centers to universities. CCIG’s purchasing power allows us to offer comprehensive coverage, competitively priced programs and flexible payment options.

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Franchise Groups

CCIG’s Franchise Practice help our franchise clients reduce risks, control costs and improve operational and administration efficiencies within their network.

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CCIG’s Healthcare Practice specializes in providing risk management and insurance solutions to a wide range of health care businesses that face a broad and ever-growing range of risks.

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Whether you’re a hotel, casino, banquet hall or travel company, the risk management, claims advocacy specialists and problem-solvers in CCIG’s Hospitality Practice can help you with a specifically tailored and comprehensive insurance program to protect your business.

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Law Firms

CCIG specializes in providing professional liability insurance to law firms regardless of their area of practice, from criminal defense to plaintiff work.

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Life Sciences

Our end-to-end solutions can help you address all kinds of risks, including clinical trial failures, product liability, shareholder lawsuits and personal data breaches.

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We know how best to protect you, whether you’re a small-batch producer or a multi-site manufacturer with operations overseas.

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Like any business with risks associated with employees, board members, data or fraud, nonprofit organizations of all sizes can be vulnerable. Allow us to help you find the right insurance solutions to protect your organization so you can focus on the heart of your mission and needs of your constituency.

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Oil and Gas

CCIG’s Energy Specialty Team has served the complex insurance and risk management needs of the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. We provide tailored workers’ compensation, general liability, environmental liability and other insurance solutions to clients engaged in upstream, midstream and downstream activities.

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Private and Charter Schools

CCIG’s Educational Institutions Practice offers comprehensive, industry-tailored insurance solutions to help your private or charter school manage its unique risks.

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Real Estate

Taking into account construction costs, occupancy, vendor relationships and more, CCIG takes pride in providing tailored solutions to small, mid-sized and even the largest real estate clients.

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Whether you own a dry-cleaners, toy shop, beauty salon or any kind of retail business, CCIG’s professionals can help.

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Renewable Energy

CCIG works with the world’s leading insurance carriers and can help you with risk strategies to protect everything from research and development, to manufacturing and construction, to permanent operations.

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Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation, CCIG provides comprehensive and customizable solutions that address the unique coverage and risk management needs of the fast-paced organizations that create, distribute, or work with technology.

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Waste & Recycling

With more than three decades of experience working with waste and recycling companies, CCIG has the expertise to handle all types of risk and offer you creative solutions designed specifically to address your business.

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We expected great things from CCIG, but we got more than we expected — a fully engaged ‘consulting firm’ continuously focused on our best interests. CCIG’s tireless involvement in the management and mitigation of our risks is invaluable.

Alek Orloff, CFO, Alpine Waste & Recycling

We moved all our insurance needs from our old brokerage to CCIG. Great guys and they have honestly gone above and beyond in service for us. We have had many sit-down conversations and they have been able to point out several areas in our coverage where we had holes and I feel super-comfortable with these guys. You will be happy and confident with CCIG!

Justin Klomp, President, Trice Jewelers

What makes CCIG a great insurance broker is that their people took the time to learn about our business. As a result of our partnership and their ability to manage our insurance professionally, we have been able to focus on growing our business. It’s a partnership that works very well.

Jeff Adams, Principal/Managing Director, Risas Dental and Braces

When a hail storm caused significant roof damage to several of our hangars in Denver, the claim management service we received from CCIG was outstanding. The claim was large and presented challenges, but CCIG worked closely with the underwriter and contractors to maximize our compensation and expedite the repairs.

Mark Johnson, President & CEO, jetCenters of Colorado

Our partnership with CCIG strengthens our relationship with our clients. With CCIG at the helm, we never have to worry about risk or compliance issues, allowing us to focus on our business and our clients.

Mark Lestikow, CEO, Closet Factory

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