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A look at what’s in the House GOP health care bill

May 5, 2017

Its fate is far from assured but the House voted 217-213 Thursday on a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act in favor of the GOP-crafted American Health Care Act.

CCIG’s Scott McGraw.

Among employers, the provision likely to get some of the closest attention would eliminate the mandate that larger companies offer affordable coverage to their workers.

The bill also would create more generous Health Savings Accounts, raising the annual contribution limits to at least $6,550 for an individual and $13,100 for a family in 2018 – about double this year’s limits.

Here’s what else the bill would do:

  • End penalties for individuals who decide not to buy insurance. Instead, anyone who goes without coverage for more than two months would be charged an additional 30 percent in premiums for one year when they re-enter the insurance market. The penalty would be paid to the insurance company, not the government. Supporters hope that newly customizable plans and lower premiums for young people will offset the loss from those who might exit the individual market.
  • Create a new system of tax credits that would help make insurance more affordable for younger, healthier people. The credits would rise with customers’ ages and, like the subsidies in the ACA, could be used to offset premiums. They would range from a minimum of $2,000 annually for a young person to a maximum of $4,000 annually for someone in their 60s.
  • End tax increases on the affluent and a range of industry groups including insurers, drug makers and medical device manufacturers. A tax on indoor tanning also would be eliminated.
  • Keeps in place the Obamacare requirement that family policies cover children to age 26.

Scott McGraw is Vice President of CCIG’s Employee Benefits division. He can be reached at 720-330-7924 or

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