The top concern for most small to mid-size businesses today is absorbing the high cost of health insurance and effectively managing ever-changing compliance regulations. We understand that every company’s competitive edge – attracting and retaining top performers – rests on the benefits package it is able to offer. That’s where CCIG makes a difference. We simplify employee benefits management by combining innovative solutions, cost-reduction strategies and exceptional customer service.

Here are just a few of the compelling reasons why CCIG is the smart, accountable choice for your business:

  • We design and implement benefit plans to meet the unique needs of our clients and their employees.
  • We possess many tools to ensure that the programs we create are both effective and easily administered.
  • We act as an extension of our clients’ HR departments by providing solutions that reduce administrative workload while improving the bottom line.
  • We offer resources that will help your company stay in compliance and navigate through the complicated maze of health care reform.