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Designing a Winning Insurance Strategy for Professional Athletes

September 19, 2023

Will Steck
Senior Vice President, Partner

Insurance has always been a tough road for professional athletes and high-profile individuals to navigate – athletes face heightened scrutiny and are often swiftly classified by carriers as “high-risk.”

CCIG’s Sports and Entertainment Practice within our Private Client Group offers a haven for professional athletes and their families who want to cultivate a long-term insurance partnership with a broker who has the expertise and high-net-worth carrier relationships to make it happen. CCIG is honored to serve as a trusted insurance broker for athletes across all major leagues in the United States and Canada.

As a former competitive hockey player, my background enhances my perspective on structuring insurance and risk management solutions for athletes, coaches, media personalities, front office staff, and their families. We maximize our industry-leading network, extensive product options, and forward-thinking team of top-tier professionals to deliver programs designed specifically for high-profile individuals.

Here’s a look at how our approach differs from the competition and why we’re so committed to providing professional athletes with in-depth insurance and risk management solutions.

Understanding the Person Behind the Persona

Where other brokers decline to work with professional athletes, we take the time to understand every athlete’s history, personal life, and future goals. Our specialized underwriting process includes questions about the athlete’s tenure in their sport, philanthropic efforts, and family. We also address common underwriting questions like claims history.

These enhanced details allow us to present our clients as individuals and showcase them to the carriers. Carriers respond much more favorably when they have an opportunity to understand who our clients truly are as a person – and not just who the public sees on the field, court, or ice.

Serving as a Long-Term Partner

Many brokers don’t want to invest time and effort into serving professional athletes because of carrier scrutiny and market challenges in the past. CCIG doesn’t shy away from the complexities of supporting this nuanced client group; we have the industry relationships and expertise to do it well, and have leveraged our unique process to scale options and provider availability for our clients.

Our client relationships don’t end when our clients play their last game, and we’re in it for the long haul. Our team will collaborate with athletes and their network of advisors to ensure their financial planning strategies are well-organized. We know that professional athletes have non-traditional career paths, especially after they retire, and we are here to support their goals in every life chapter.

Alleviating Stress In and Out of the Locker Room

The last thing an athlete and their family should worry about is their insurance – which is why our clients know we have their back. My experience as a competitive athlete inspires our client approach, and I fully understand the mindset it takes to succeed. That’s why we’re hyper-focused on providing unmatched client service.

We also empathize with the sacrifice and commitment made by athletes’ families. Our comprehensive approach to insurance and risk management programs means we include an athlete’s family and their specialized considerations when we build a program around their needs. By working together to create design-build programs to support our clients and their families, we empower and educate them so they can focus on the game, and on much-deserved family time.

Delivering the Personalized Support Athletes Need

Athletes don’t work a regular schedule. Whether athletes need to connect while on the road or are only available at certain times, we work within their schedules to offer the flexibility they require.

Another primary concern for professional athletes is confidentiality. We take this very seriously and respect the trust of our clients and their families. We’re here to work in the background and set our clients up for success, ensuring they have the support system to protect their assets and properly manage their risks – not to leverage our clients’ trust as a feather in our cap.

Connect with CCIG

The same fierce independence and competitiveness that drives professional athletes drives us too. We’re here to serve as our clients’ advocate and advisor, no matter where they are in their careers.

To learn more about CCIG’s specialized insurance solutions for professional athletes, please reach out to Will Steck at or our team at

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