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CCIG Signs on as Sponsor of Denver Center for Performing Arts

December 28, 2017

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. – Arts and culture are one of the few areas in life where we can share a common experience that brings us together and, hopefully, helps us create a better world.

As a locally-based insurance and health benefits brokerage, CCIG believes its support of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is one of the best ways we can express our passion for the arts and our commitment to the health and welfare of our region at large.

A commitment to giving back has been at the heart of CCIG’s values from the very day we opened our doors in 1985.

Culture is a big and growing part of the Denver economy, representing $1.8 billion in economic activity, according to the latest available figures. We’d love to see it grow even more.

That’s why we’re happy to be a DCPA corporate sponsor, in hopes that our support not only can help pay the salaries of actors, set designers and others working in the performing arts, but also help drive cultural tourism, expand arts education and fuel job growth.

As brokers of insurance products designed to safeguard the hard work of our community’s entrepreneurs, that is important to us.

Arts and culture, of course, are much more than economic drivers; they can illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world.

Studies have shown that participation in culture is significantly associated with good health and high life satisfaction.

For example, one study into the effects of dance on people with Parkinson’s disease found that dance provided stimulation – not just physical, but emotional, intellectual and social.

As brokers of employee health benefits, that is important to us.

Arts and culture also are a means to public dialogue, helping us understand each other, build community and leadership.

Exposure to the arts open people’s minds. It boosts their creativity. It makes them more innovative. It also creates a sense of pride and belonging.

As a corporate citizen, all of that is important to us.

“Our decision to become a corporate sponsor is something we’re very proud of,” said T. Scott Kennedy, COO and President of CCIG. “It’s all part of our wider corporate citizenship thinking, which allows our employees to channel their talents and resources toward worthy causes and become invested in the community where we live and work.”

In addition to the DCPA, CCIG is proud to support several other organizations including the Special Olympics of Colorado, Metro Caring, Project Angel Heart, the Denver Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity.

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