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Q&A: CCIG CEO on Creating a ‘Humanplace’ 

April 9, 2019

CCIG, one of the largest independent commercial and personal lines insurance brokerages in Colorado, acquired a new headquarters recently with space to accommodate the firm’s growth and allow it to better serve its clientele and the community.

The three-story building at 155 Inverness Drive West in Englewood will ultimately serve as the new home to an expected workforce of more than 150 people.

The following interview with CCIG CEO Brook Mahoney answers questions about the company’s plans and his vision for its new HQ.

What prompted CCIG to buy its own building?

CCIG’s Brook Mahoney.

Our recent growth has been exponential. We’ve tripled in size over the last 10 years and now employ more than 90 people. Starting fresh with a headquarters near I-25 and light rail allows us to accommodate that growth, gives us more visibility and an opportunity to re-invent our workspace. Finally, we liked the idea of being more in control of our destiny, rather than being tenants in someone else’s building.

How did you select 155 Inverness?

The building features 44,500 square feet of office space so it was the right size for us. In addition, the property sits on 3.6 acres of land on the southeast corner of I-25 and Dry Creek, so it’s in the Denver Tech Center. That makes it easier for our employees who live south of Denver to get to the office without having to fight heavier traffic north of the DTC. Plus, it’s right on the light rail system, so anyone who lives downtown or other points north can hop onto the light rail and make it in fairly easily.

What are your plans for the building?

We’re making changes to the property that, without over-building, will give it an entirely new, fresh look. We’re making two small additions, one on the north and one on the south side, creating a new façade, applying a new exterior color and new exterior glass. The interior floor plan will be somewhat open with work areas laid out in what our designers are calling neighborhoods. This will allow employees to interact yet preserves some privacy. It’ll be professional, contemporary and accommodate our future growth.

What new office technologies will we see in the new building?

The biggest difference will be increased mobility. Our staff will be able to unplug, move around and work anywhere in the building. The design is meant to encourage greater collaboration in formal or informal environments. This isn’t a technology feature but we also will provide food centers and dining areas to give our employees more meal-time options.

How do you believe your new corporate home will help advance CCIG’s culture?

The good news is that CCIG already has a strong and positive culture so I don’t expect our culture to change. But I do think the building will help further solidify our culture. We designed it so that is serves as a reflection of our commitment to keep the company, our tools and our approach to the work environment on the cutting edge, with ease-of-use and comfort foremost on our minds. I can’t wait to see the reaction people have when they walk into the office for the first time. If it works for them, then we’ll know we got it right.

What do you think will be your favorite feature in the new space?

I think there may be more than one. Our aim is to create a space that provides our workforce the right blend of technology and office ergonomics along with some of the comforts of home. You could say we’re planning to turn our workplace into a “humanplace.” Along those lines, wellness is really important to us, so we’ll have discounted, healthy meals that people can order and which will be delivered to the office. We’ll also have conference areas designed to encourage interaction and, again, collaboration, with couches and high-top tables and other furniture that you might see in a well-appointed hotel lobby rather than an everyday office. We plan to entertain clients in these spaces, too, so we’ll have large-screen TVs and beer taps. One of the more unique features of the building will no doubt be our indoor 18-hole miniature golf course for our staff Annual Charity Golf Tournament. I’ll bet we’ll see folks practicing their shots all year long.

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