America’s Safest Companies: What They’re Doing Right

Injury and illness rates lower than the average for their industries. Comprehensive training programs. A look at what America's safest companies are doing.

Innovative solutions to safety challenges. Injury and illness rates lower than the average for their industries. Comprehensive training programs. According to EHS Today, America’s safest companies have all of the above and more. Better still, their attention to safety also makes these companies some of the most productive and successful in their fields. EHS Today,… Read more »

Got a Hail Claim? Why You Don’t Want to Let Time Run Out

Two recent court cases affirm that failure to abide by prompt-notice provisions in your insurance policy can free insurers from paying your hail claims.

Hail damage and insurance claims. No one wants to think about either. Another thing no one wants to think about? Claims that end up in court. Interestingly, despite popular belief, insurers often end up on the losing side of such claims. Plaintiffs file their lawsuits and the insurers are then left having to disprove things,… Read more »

Doing More to Prepare for Active Shooter Incidents

Employers need to do more to prepare their workplaces and train the right employees to deal with active shooter incidents.

One of the most-read stories featured on the pages of “Business Insurance” in the past year centered on the rising concerns among employers over mass shootings. No wonder. According to Harvard researchers, the days separating mass shooting occurrences dropped from an average 200 days between 1983 and 2011 to 64 days since 2011. “Business Insurance”… Read more »

Many Injured Workers Complain About Care: Report

A recent report finds many injured workers are not at all happy with the medical attention they’re getting after suffering a workplace injury.

There’s troubling news in the latest Workers’ Compensation Research Institute report on workplace injuries. The institute, which tries to help policymakers and legislators identify ways to improve workers’ comp systems, said its surveys found many injured workers are not at all happy with the medical attention they get after suffering a workplace injury. How many?… Read more »

Safety Management: How To Compute Your Incidence Rate

You have a clear idea what your Experience Modification Rate is (or should be) and know all too well that the lower your “e-mod,” the better. But do you know what your company’s “incidence rate” is and how it can quickly hurt your bottom line? In the simplest terms, OSHA uses incidence rates to compare… Read more »

Embracing Continuous Background Checks on Employees

background checks

Inadequate due diligence and negligent hiring practices not only can hurt an organization, but its customers, too. Indeed, poor hiring has contributed to a rise of lawsuits, medical claims and multimillion-dollar settlements. No wonder we’re seeing what some are calling a new normal: continuous, post-hire monitoring. As a risk-management tactic, ongoing criminal background checks make… Read more »

Insurance for Disaster-Related Evacuations

fire insurance

An abnormally dry winter left Colorado’s snowpack at less than 70 percent of average this year. That, in turn, has prompted warnings that the state could be in for its worst wildfire year since the historic fire seasons of 2012 and 2013. If you own a business, you know that in case of a fire-related… Read more »

CCIG Clients Reap Workplace Safety Dividend

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. –  Hundreds of CCIG clients will receive checks this spring for maintaining safe workplaces. The checks are part of Pinnacol Assurance’s general dividend program. Pinnacol is Colorado’s largest workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Nearly 700 of CCIG’s clients will receive checks, some amounting to more than $50,000. An employer’s general dividend is based… Read more »