Finding the Right Appraiser for Your Collections

Thinking of hiring an appraiser? Start by getting a recommendation. You can turn to a museum professional, a reputable dealer, or your insurance agent.

Some of the material things we tend to value most in life – our fine art, antiques, collectible guns – account for an average of 17% of high net worth individuals’ assets. Yet death, divorce and debt tend to be the only times people have their collections appraised. That’s no way to protect your assets,… Read more »

Planning a Trip? Here’s How to Insure Your Jewelry Before You Go

Assume you own a really nice diamond ring and are planning a big trip this summer but cannot stand the idea of leaving your jewelry behind. What do you do?

You might want to ask the grandparents about this one: Remember the phenomenal Taylor-Burton diamond, the 69-carat, pear-cut diamond bought by the actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in 1969? Well, of course, you don’t, but that’s one more reason to cherish those grandparents of yours, right? In case they can’t remember either, believe me… Read more »

Winter’s Here. Is Your Luxury Home Properly Insured?

With winter finally baring its teeth lately, owners of a luxury home covered by a more comprehensive policy will definitely have less to worry about.

The world is filled with standard homeowners’ insurance policies that do a fine job of covering all of the things you’d expect. But there also are homeowners’ insurance policies for luxury homes that protect you in the way, say, a coat built for mountaineering might. The difference isn’t always visible to the untrained eye. But… Read more »

Insuring Expensive Holiday Gifts: How to Make Sure You’re Covered

Standard homeowners insurance policies include coverage for jewelry. However, many policies comes with limit that won't cover truly expensive holiday gifts.

Splurging on your loved ones. It’s as much of a holiday tradition as caroling and sleigh rides. But if you’re really going big, say a 10-carat ring, a valuable piece of art or a full-length mink, the next thing you’ll want to do after picking out your holiday gift is to call your insurance broker…. Read more »

Video: Have You Met CCIG’s Private Client Group?

private client

We know one size does not fit all. If you’ve reached certain professional and financial milestones, what was just fine yesterday in terms of personal insurance is probably not right today. Here’s how our Private Client Group can help:  

Affluent Face Greater Cybercrime Risk

cybercrime insurance affluent families

When the National Security Agency can get hacked, it’s clear that things have gotten serious on the cybercrime front. It’s also clear that no one can or should assume they can truly shield themselves from would-be hackers. The NSA, of course, is America’s largest and most secretive intelligence agency. And it has been deeply compromised… Read more »

Umbrella Coverage, For Those Astronomical Judgments

umbrella coverage

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be sued like one. That point, more than any other, is all anyone really needs to know when they’re deciding whether to buy excess liability, or as it’s more commonly known, umbrella insurance. Given how relatively inexpensive an umbrella policy costs – and because, sadly, we live… Read more »

Tips on How to Travel Safely in Unsafe Places

The likelihood of falling victim to terrorism or kidnapping while traveling abroad is practically zero. But that doesn’t mean Americans who are overseas for business or pleasure shouldn’t take precautions. The biggest risk when you travel is street crime, Wes Odom, a veteran executive safety consultant at the Ackerman Group, said in a presentation Wednesday… Read more »