When Mold is Found in Your School or Daycare Center

A mold contamination can be costly to clean up and most property and general liability insurance policies don’t offer much coverage, if any at all.

The headline on the news article could not have been welcome: “Parents claim school is making Colorado Springs students sick, but building tests negative for toxic mold.” The article, appearing in the Colorado Springs Gazette in mid-May, said the children were diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome, which their parents believed is related to toxic… Read more »

4 Ways to Protect Against Injuries During Field Trips

Field trips and accidents happen much too frequently, so now that we're in high season for trips to the museum, here are some safety tips for your school.

A teenage boy is killed and another student injured when a flatbed truck collides in a rural area with a school bus carrying students on a field trip to see a musical. Seven fifth-grade students and a teacher are injured when a pair of charter buses returning from a field trip crash. Fourteen children and… Read more »

When Trusted School Employees Turn to Theft, Fraud

A commercial crime insurance policy will protect you against dishonest acts by school employees, including theft and fraud.

General liability. Professional liability. Field trip insurance. If you’re an early-education center owner or charter school administrator, you know that those are some of the typical lines of coverage you need to protect your organization, your employees and yourself. The recent arrest of the treasurer of a charter school parent-teacher organization in the Denver Metro… Read more »

Lesson to Learn: Business Income Coverage for Your School

business income coverage

Imagine you own a preschool. Now imagine a nasty storm comes barreling through and unleashes torrential flooding, howling winds that knock down walls and, in general, just lots and lots of havoc. Your business property insurance covers your buildings and contents, but what about the disruption to your business? You might be forced to shut… Read more »

Video: What Our Charter School Customers Are Saying About Us

We asked Sam Todd, the executive director of operations at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Colo., how CCIG has helped keep his school safe and its insurance premiums in check. Click on the video below to hear what he had to say. Visit our blog to get the latest insights from CCIG: Click… Read more »

3 Ways to Protect Your Preschool from Negligence Lawsuits


The world is filled with plaintiff’s lawyers, some very good, others far less so. If you’re a daycare center or preschool operator, you hopefully will never have to deal with either type. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and a negligence lawsuit can put you out of business, if only because of the attendant reputational harm. Assume for… Read more »

Ready to Get the Kids Back to School? Don’t Forget their Vaccinations


As parents prepare to send their children back to school, there’s a lot to remember and little time to get everything done. One item you don’t want to put off are the vaccinations your children need. Health care providers are typically overcome by appointment requests from parents who wait until the last minute to get… Read more »

Corporal Punishment in Childcare Centers

Corporal Punishment

Sweden banned it in the late 1970s, while New Zealand, Mongolia, Slovenia, Paraguay and Lithuania forbade it in just the past couple of years. We’re talking about corporal punishment of children in preschools – something that gets little attention but is still allowed in public schools in 19 U.S. states, including Colorado, and in even… Read more »