Case Study: Workers’ Compensation Rates — A Game of Inches

The Challenge: “Football is a game of inches and inches make the champion.” That’s something the great Vince Lombardi used to say and it’s a point with parallels in the workers’ compensation world. To be clear, we’re talking about your experience modification rate, or EMR, a topic that we’ve addressed here in the past but… Read more »

Case Study: When It Rains It Pours


BUSINESS: Nonprofit THE CHALLENGE: Plenty of storms come and go and leave nary a mark. That wasn’t the case with a massive hailstorm that slammed into the Denver metro area in May 2017. The skies had barely cleared but it was evident that the storm has left hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in… Read more »

Case Study: Advocating for Our Non-Profit Clients

non-profit insurance

BUSINESS: Hospice EMPLOYEES: 188 THE CHALLENGE:  Running a business well means watching the bottom line. That’s doubly true when you’re running a non-profit. Every dollar spent on the rent, furnishings and, yes, insurance, means fewer dollars for fulfilling your mission. Our client, one of the largest hospices in the Rocky Mountain region, was spending hundreds… Read more »

Case Study: Getting Your Experience Modification Rate Under Control  

experience modification rate

THE CHALLENGE:  When it comes to workers’ compensation premiums, a company’s experience modification rate, or EMR, is everything. No one wants an e-mod higher than 1.00. An e-mod, as a refresher, is a ratio that expresses actual to expected losses that occur over a (typically) three-year period. In this case, our client – a taxicab… Read more »

Case Study: Assigning Liability Where it Belongs

liability subrogration

THE CHALLENGE:  Liability can be funny, though hardly ever in a ha-ha sort of way. Where things often get messy is in determining who pays when more than one party is, to one degree or another, involved in a claim. That’s what we were dealing with when our client, a subcontractor, hired another subcontractor to… Read more »

Case Study: Advocating for Better Health Outcomes

better health outcomes

THE CHALLENGE: We know that medications can be expensive, especially new or experimental treatments. Sometimes, the big pharmaceutical companies will discount or even give away drugs that are out of reach for low-income patients. And sometimes they don’t. Insurance companies, meanwhile, will sometimes cover certain drugs and sometimes won’t. That reality was what our client’s… Read more »

Case Study: Ever Get That Sinking Feeling?

claims advocacy mediation

THE CHALLENGE: Florida, well known for hurricanes and alligators, has another high-profile worry on its list: the possibility that the Earth could, at any moment, gobble up a house or two or even a whole block. Yes, Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the nation. Our client had a front-row seat to… Read more »

Case Study: The Importance of Bridging Coverage Gaps

coverage gaps

THE CHALLENGE: A half-dozen insurance companies. More than a dozen renewal dates. Five agents. In short, a paperwork /administrative nightmare. That was the situation our client was dealing with when we sat down for our first meeting. The scenario was one we’ve seen repeatedly, especially with clients with homes in more than one state. The… Read more »