Is the Soft Surety Bond Market About to Harden?

surety bonds

Total U.S. construction starts this year are expected to grow 5 percent to $713 billion, according to the latest Dodge Construction forecast. That’s far slower than the 11 percent increase seen in 2015 and yet much healthier than Dodge’s revised 1 percent estimate for 2016. This suggests a few things. For starters, we’ll see more… Read more »

Will Chipotle’s Insurer Defend it in Advertising Injury Case?

advertising injury

“The filing of a lawsuit is purely allegation and is proof of absolutely nothing.” Those were the words of a Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. spokesman in response to news that the Denver restaurant chain had been sued in federal court for allegedly using a photo of a California woman without her permission. What the spokesman… Read more »

How Will Health Care Insurance Change Under Trump?

About 150 million people are covered by employer-sponsored health plans in the U.S. What happens to them if Congress and the new Trump administration repeal the Affordable Care Act? It depends on how far they go. Before his inauguration, Trump said the replacement he’d like to see for ObamaCare should cover everyone, a pledge that… Read more »

Are You Covered For ADA Lawsuits?

For disability activists and their lawyers, the story wasn’t new. Only this time, “60 Minutes” was airing its version of it, highlighting for a national audience abuses by lawyers and their clients who file “drive-by” lawsuits alleging violations of the American Disabilities Act. They’re called “drive-by” because in some states, someone can simply drive by… Read more »

New Day for ‘Narrow Networks’?

Employers’ use of what are known as narrow provider networks may soon widen. That, at least, is the conclusion of a study by the Washington-based Employee Benefit Research Institute that found businesses are giving narrow networks renewed attention in their pursuit of cost savings. These networks, which limit health plan enrollees to fewer doctors and hospitals,… Read more »

Case Study: Raising Hail After the Storm

BUSINESS: Childcare center EMPLOYEES: 35 THE CHALLENGE: A massive hailstorm in the summer of 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colo., resulted in tens of thousands of auto and homeowner insurance claims totaling more than $350 million. It was one of the most damaging such storms ever recorded. The insurance company agreed to cover $54,882 in damage… Read more »

A New Kind of Insurance for New Age of Microelectronics

microelectronics insurance

Unless you’re a devoted reader of science and technology publications, you probably missed the news: Members of the brain trust at UC San Diego have manufactured the first semiconductor-free, optically controlled microelectronic device. What’s that, you say? Using composite materials, these engineers fabricated a device on a very small scale that displayed a 1,000% increase… Read more »