4 Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Deaths and injuries are on the rise. Here are four ways construction companies can reduce workplace accidents and promote construction site safety.

If you’re in the construction business, the latest figures about workplace-related deaths in Colorado are nothing short of alarming, an urgent reminder to make sure you’re emphasizing training and safety. While the numbers for all industries saw a slight decrease from 2016 to 2017, fatalities in the construction industry jumped by almost 60 percent. The… Read more »

Doing More to Prepare for Active Shooter Incidents

Employers need to do more to prepare their workplaces and train the right employees to deal with active shooter incidents.

One of the most-read stories featured on the pages of “Business Insurance” in the past year centered on the rising concerns among employers over mass shootings. No wonder. According to Harvard researchers, the days separating mass shooting occurrences dropped from an average 200 days between 1983 and 2011 to 64 days since 2011. “Business Insurance”… Read more »

9 Ways to Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last year took a series of steps to help President Trump live up to his promise to lower drug prices. That included proposals to require insurers to list prices in television ads and a ban on so-called “gag clauses” preventing pharmacists from telling patients when a lower-cost… Read more »

CCIG Advisor Secures Energy Insurance Designation  

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. –  CCIG Insurance Advisor Jeff Parent has been certified as an Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist. The ERIS designation recognizes expertise in energy insurance and risk management issues, and reflects a commitment to the energy industry through ongoing, continuing education. “The ERIS program has helped us show our energy clients and prospects… Read more »

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Cryptocurrency Operations

Securing Directors and Officers coverage for a cryptocurrency operation won’t be as easy as calling Flo to insure the old Honda.

We write about Directors and Officers insurance here a lot and for good reason: The risks that D&O policies are designed to address are part and parcel of corporate life, and even the most ethical, by-the-book executive or board member can find themselves personally named in lawsuits over actions taken during their watch. My thoughts… Read more »

Many Injured Workers Complain About Care: Report

A recent report finds many injured workers are not at all happy with the medical attention they’re getting after suffering a workplace injury.

There’s troubling news in the latest Workers’ Compensation Research Institute report on workplace injuries. The institute, which tries to help policymakers and legislators identify ways to improve workers’ comp systems, said its surveys found many injured workers are not at all happy with the medical attention they get after suffering a workplace injury. How many?… Read more »

Safety Management: How To Compute Your Incidence Rate

You have a clear idea what your Experience Modification Rate is (or should be) and know all too well that the lower your “e-mod,” the better. But do you know what your company’s “incidence rate” is and how it can quickly hurt your bottom line? In the simplest terms, OSHA uses incidence rates to compare… Read more »

Farm Bill Legalizes Hemp Production

hemp production

Thanks to the U.S. Farm Bill, which the House passed on Wednesday in a 369-47 vote, American farmers will be able to plant and harvest hemp— a strain of the same plant species from which marijuana originates. The bill passed the Senate Tuesday in an 87-13 vote, and President Donald Trump has indicated his support. Hemp… Read more »