Workers’ Compensation Do’s and Don’ts for Employers and their Workers

Imagine getting hurt on the job and then having to sue your employer to prove they were at fault for your workplace injury. That’s how it was in the early 1900s. Back then, workers had to go to court if they wanted to claim their injury was the result of an unsafe work environment. Labor… Read more »

Apology Laws Aren’t Helping Cut Malpractice Suits

Laws designed to reduce malpractice lawsuits by protecting doctors who apologize to patients for bad outcomes don’t work as well as we might believe.

Borrowing from Elton John, “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” If you’re a medical professional, saying you’re sorry also might not help you avoid getting sued for malpractice. According to a recent Vanderbilt University analysis of insurance data, laws designed to reduce malpractice lawsuits by protecting doctors who apologize to patients for bad outcomes… Read more »

Tying the Knot? Special Event Insurance for Your Special Day

Special event insurance protects the wedding party should some kind of natural disaster strike, but also in case the pastor fail to show up.

Ahhh, summer. It has us thinking of warmer, longer days, getting outdoors and, of course, weddings. It also has us thinking about the cost of weddings. Did you know the typical American wedding includes about 140 guests and costs over $35,000? That price tag, it should be noted, includes the cost of wedding bands, but… Read more »

Finding the Right Appraiser for Your Collections

Thinking of hiring an appraiser? Start by getting a recommendation. You can turn to a museum professional, a reputable dealer, or your insurance agent.

Some of the material things we tend to value most in life – our fine art, antiques, collectible guns – account for an average of 17% of high net worth individuals’ assets. Yet death, divorce and debt tend to be the only times people have their collections appraised. That’s no way to protect your assets,… Read more »

When Mold is Found in Your School or Daycare Center

A mold contamination can be costly to clean up and most property and general liability insurance policies don’t offer much coverage, if any at all.

The headline on the news article could not have been welcome: “Parents claim school is making Colorado Springs students sick, but building tests negative for toxic mold.” The article, appearing in the Colorado Springs Gazette in mid-May, said the children were diagnosed with chronic inflammatory response syndrome, which their parents believed is related to toxic… Read more »

Construction Companies Turn to IoT to Improve Safety

IoT technology is helping contractors minimize equipment-related delays, and improving safety while boosting employee productivity.

Time is money, so even the smallest delay on a construction project can be costly. How, then, do you keep critical heavy equipment from going down and causing delays? How do you keep crews productive and safe? Increasingly, the answer to these questions lies in sensors that monitor temperature spikes, excessive vibrations, heart rates and… Read more »

Insurance for When Violence Erupts in the Workplace

In today's violence-plagued workplace, there's insurance that can help protect your business after someone attacks another person at your workplace.

Does anyone need to once again review the latest workplace violence statistics to understand that we’ve got a problem? OK, here’s one: Nearly 2 million American workers fall victim to workplace violence each year, according to OSHA. Here’s another: Close to 1,000 people have lost their lives in active-shooter or aggressor events inside schools, buildings,… Read more »

What Contractors Should Look for in a Surety Bond Agent

If you’re looking for a surety bond agent, make sure you’re considering someone who has real expertise in surety bonding. Not all insurance agents do.

A mentor, educator and advisor. The right surety bond agent can be all of the above and, if you’re in the construction business, can make all of the difference in the world. That’s assuming you’ve hired someone with the right qualifications, an agent with: an understanding of the construction industry and the construction management process… Read more »