DOL Offers Employers a Better Way to Resolve Wage-and-Hour Violations

wage and hour violations

Allegations of withholding tips or failing to pay employees minimum wage or overtime have hit the restaurant, landscaping, construction and childcare sectors, among others. For employers with large workforces, the potential liability in these cases can be staggering, often in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the latest figures, the 10… Read more »

3 Insurance Policies Every Manufacturer Should Have

manufacturer insurance

If you’ve been paying attention to the real estate scene in Denver, you know that demand for industrial space is as robust as demand for housing. Online retailers occupy a lot of that space. New and expanding manufacturers also are helping create demand for industrial space. While Colorado’s manufacturing sector is relatively small, the renaissance… Read more »

Why Field-Trip Drivers Need Higher Liability Coverage

field trip liability coverage

It’s field-trip season again, an exciting time for kids but also a time of year that gives those of us in the insurance industry a bit of anxiety. Why? Because if you drive a car in Colorado (and many other states), the law requires you to carry a minimum level of liability insurance, which covers… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence: Ready to Disrupt Health Claims Management

artificial intelligence health claims

Have you ever had a medical claim processed incorrectly? Well, those days might soon be over, thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, of course, has been around for a while, but there’s more buzz about it now because healthcare companies are beginning to arm themselves with the right algorithms, they have tons of data and,… Read more »

Are You Covered if Your Nanny Sues for Harassment?

Let’s say you live in Denver and your nanny quits suddenly and files a lawsuit for sexual harassment after your husband purportedly made inappropriate comments to her when they were alone in the house together. Or perhaps your husband is unhappy with the gardener. You fire him (the gardener, not your husband), and he responds… Read more »

Case Study: Getting Your Experience Modification Rate Under Control  

experience modification rate

THE CHALLENGE:  When it comes to workers’ compensation premiums, a company’s experience modification rate, or EMR, is everything. No one wants an e-mod higher than 1.00. An e-mod, as a refresher, is a ratio that expresses actual to expected losses that occur over a (typically) three-year period. In this case, our client – a taxicab… Read more »