Sex Crimes in America’s Nursing Homes

sex crimes

The CNN story could not have been any more devastating. Here’s just the opening: “Some of the victims can’t speak. They rely on walkers and wheelchairs to leave their beds. They have been robbed of their memories. They come to nursing homes to be cared for. “Instead … the unthinkable is happening at facilities throughout… Read more »

What Nursing Homes Can Do To Prevent Residents From Wandering

nursing home safety

Here’s a trend in health care that might surprise you: dementia rates in the U.S. are falling. Researchers had been expecting the reverse, especially in light of an aging population and the fact that more people than ever suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure – two leading contributors to memory-related disorders. Despite that, a… Read more »

A New Twist in Nursing Home Liability Insurance

The American Health Care Association, and the nursing home industry it represents, won an important round recently in federal court. A judge in Mississippi agreed to temporarily block a new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services rule that would have forced nursing homes that receive federal funding to stop using arbitration clauses in their contracts… Read more »