What Childcare Centers Can Do to Reduce Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

wrongful termination lawsuits

Negligence is a legal concept that most childcare center operators know all too well. They fully understand they can be sued for liability if they fail to supervise and educate children in a safe and clean environment. But what about the liability that centers have to their staff? Childcare and early-education employees today expect a… Read more »

Are You Covered For ADA Lawsuits?

For disability activists and their lawyers, the story wasn’t new. Only this time, “60 Minutes” was airing its version of it, highlighting for a national audience abuses by lawyers and their clients who file “drive-by” lawsuits alleging violations of the American Disabilities Act. They’re called “drive-by” because in some states, someone can simply drive by… Read more »

When Lawyers Sue Law Firms Over Discrimination

Some of the nation’s largest employers signed a pledge at the White House this summer agreeing to review their pay practices annually as well as their hiring and promotion policies. “We strive every day to create a world where people can belong anywhere, and that starts with creating a workplace where employees of every age,… Read more »