Senate Republicans Hope to Vote on ObamaCare Replacement by July 4

health care reform

While the nation’s attention lately has shifted to other topics – Russian investigations, among them – Senate Republicans have been working on their version of health care reform. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told President Donald Trump last week that the Senate may vote on health care legislation by July 4. “We’re getting… Read more »

A look at what’s in the House GOP health care bill

Its fate is far from assured but the House voted 217-213 Thursday on a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act in favor of the GOP-crafted American Health Care Act. Among employers, the provision likely to get some of the closest attention would eliminate the mandate that larger companies offer affordable coverage to their… Read more »

How Trump Insurance Changes Could Affect Coverage Next Year

A much tighter sign-up deadline and coverage delays will be waiting for some health insurance customers now that President Donald Trump’s administration has finished a plan designed to stabilize shaky insurance markets. Shoppers will have a shorter time period to choose a 2018 plan and a harder time enrolling outside that window if they lose… Read more »

Anthem Likely to Retreat from Obamacare for 2018, Analysts Say

Anthem Inc. is likely to pull back from Obamacare’s individual insurance markets in a big way for next year, according to a report from analysts who said they met with the company, a move that could limit coverage options for consumers at a politically crucial time for the law. Anthem “is leaning toward exiting a… Read more »

GOP’s Health Insurance Overhaul Termed ‘Obamacare light’

obamacare overhaul

Will the Affordable Care Act be replaced by the House Republicans’ long-awaited plan, which they’re calling the American Health Care Act? Maybe, maybe not. Hard-right House and Senate Republicans came out in opposition immediately after the plan was unveiled Monday night. “I think what they’re putting forward is Obamacare light,” Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said…. Read more »

3 Things We Now Know About How Obamacare Might Change

While it’s not a finished product, GOP lawmakers are expected to unveil legislation sometime this week to repeal and replace ObamaCare. According to various news reports, here’s a general idea of three changes the Republicans will attempt to push through. 1. It would seek to protect people with pre-existing conditions The ObamaCare provision that bars… Read more »

New Day for ‘Narrow Networks’?

Employers’ use of what are known as narrow provider networks may soon widen. That, at least, is the conclusion of a study by the Washington-based Employee Benefit Research Institute that found businesses are giving narrow networks renewed attention in their pursuit of cost savings. These networks, which limit health plan enrollees to fewer doctors and hospitals,… Read more »