When a School Arts Project Goes Terribly Wrong

school liability

As far as school art projects go, this one seemed like it was going to be fun and simple. Maybe a little bit messy but, again, fun. The kids were given paper, a mixture of paint and dishwashing soap and straws. Their assignment? Just drip a bit of the paint mixture onto the paper and… Read more »

Hurricanes: Another Reason to Bond Your Subs  

hurricanes subcontractors bonds

It would take fewer than 30 dominoes to wipe out the Empire State Building. Unbelievable, right? Perhaps, but a University of Toronto physics professor theorized as much in a demonstration showing that dominoes can actually knock down things about one-and-a-half times their size. Thus, starting from a domino five millimeters tall, it would take just… Read more »

Construction Leads U.S. Industries in Struck-By Accidents, Deaths

struck-by accidents

The headlines say it all: “Worker killed by steamroller,” “Worker hit and killed on Highway 9,” “Worker hit, killed in construction zone.” Highway maintenance workers have some of the most dangerous jobs in the construction field, as do power-line installers and excavators. So says a new study that examines the role of “struck-by” hazards in… Read more »

5 Things to Keep in Mind About Flood Insurance

The flooding wasn’t on the level seen in Houston post-Harvey, nor was it on the scale of the lashing Irma inflicted on the Caribbean. It certainly wasn’t biblical. But the 2013 storm that dumped 17 inches in some parts of Colorado was big enough to prompt many to wonder about their flood insurance. Did they… Read more »

Taylor Swift Trial Argues for Special Liability Coverage

Swifties, as Taylor Swift’s fans are known, were no doubt glued to their screens as the jury’s verdict was announced at her recent groping trial. A few insurance industry lawyers also were probably tuning in, though perhaps for a different reason. The federal trial in Denver, in case it missed your attention, focused on a… Read more »