Maintaining Culture in a Growing Agency

We all remember those mentors who helped us decide on a direction in life — a teacher, a boss, a coworker, a spouse. Well, for CCIG founder and CEO Brook Mahoney, it was “a great professor at the University of Iowa who lured me into this business.” And so it was that Brook graduated with… Read more »

Hailstorm is costliest ever for Colorado

The hailstorm that pounded parts of Denver with golf ball and baseball-sized stones on May 8 will rank as the most expensive in state history, according to estimates from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association. The insurance industry trade group estimates that 150,000 auto insurance and 50,000 homeowners insurance claims will be filed, generating $1.4 billion in… Read more »

Crime Insurance Policies Alone Won’t Cover Newest Form of Fraud

crime insurance

Your company’s crime insurance policy does little good in helping you recover from one of the biggest crime problems today. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently said as much in a case pitting an accounting firm against its insurance company. The accountants had received two emails from someone purporting to be a client asking… Read more »

Lawmakers Fail to Pass School Discipline Legislation

school discipline

One of the many bills that Colorado lawmakers considered in the just-concluded legislative session would have meant big changes in the way schools discipline students. House Bill 1210 would have put strict limits on suspensions and expulsions for students in kindergarten through second grade, as well as preschoolers in state-funded programs. It would have allowed… Read more »

New construction-defects law won’t lower insurance costs any time soon

construction defects law

Will the construction-defects reform legislation that passed through the Colorado legislature this year usher in a flood of condominium projects? It could certainly help. But the notion that it will make insurance for such projects suddenly much more available or bring down the cost of coverage is, to be frank, very hard to imagine. Builders… Read more »

Drop the Stick, Use Carrots in Your Employee Wellness Program

wellness incentives

Things got ugly on the corporate wellness front a couple of years ago. Companies were increasingly telling their workers they needed to enroll in their wellness programs or else. Mostly, that meant workers were asked to pay a higher share of their health insurance premiums. In the most extreme cases, workers lost their employer health… Read more »