Embezzlement Schemes Can Take Years to Detect

embezzlement prevention tips

Long-time employees do it. The most trusted advisors have gone for jail for it. Even a mother-in-law or two has been busted for it. We’re talking embezzlement, a crime that often takes years to discover and can force even the healthiest of companies into bankruptcy. According to a study by insurer Hiscox, the average loss… Read more »

Understanding the New Contraceptive Coverage Rules

contraceptive coverage

Editor’s note: Employers with fewer than 100 employees can modify their health plans only at renewal and not before Jan. 1, 2018. Also, most insurance companies have filed their rates and plans for early 2018, so any changes to policies are unlikely before spring, if not summer, of next year. Several states have gone to… Read more »

What Trump’s ACA Changes Will Mean for Small Employers

aca executive order reforms

Amid the many questions it raised, there’s one thing clear now that President Trump has signed an executive order that would begin to dismantle the Affordable Care Act: Small-business owners, particularly those with fewer than 50 employees, will want to reconsider their decision to send those workers to ACA exchanges for their coverage. The owners… Read more »

Schools: The Latest Cyber-Attack Target

schools cyber attack

Government agencies, businesses, hospitals and universities have long been targets of data breaches. Now K-12 and even preschools are also at risk, with cyber-attacks aimed at parents’ credit-card numbers, medical data and other sensitive information routinely collected on students and stored on school servers. Schools, unfortunately, make for relatively easy targets. According to a survey… Read more »

Business Interruption Insurance For After the Wildfires Die Out

disaster business interruption insurance

If there’s a silver lining in the deadly wildfires that roared through California’s wine country, it’s that 90 percent of the Sonoma County crop had already been picked before the fires sprang up. Still, hundreds of vineyards and wineries that dot the rolling hills of the Russian River Valley were forced to close their doors… Read more »

Why Go Bare? Here’s How to Get Free Liability Coverage for Life

lawyers tail coverage

They call it “going bare,” but it’s not what you do in the bathtub. Instead, it’s what the legal profession calls a lawyer who practices without professional liability insurance coverage. Sounds risky, right? There’s another bit of risky business that some lawyers engage in: going without “tail” coverage. Alarmingly, this is often seen among lawyers… Read more »

Workers’ Comp Rates Could See Big Drop in ’18

workers compensation premiums

Many Colorado businesses could once again see a decline in their workers’ compensation insurance premiums next year, although for some the drop could be much more dramatic than in past years. The trend reflects ongoing efforts by employers to prevent workplace injuries, as well as either declines or stable figures in frequency of claims, duration… Read more »