Case Study: Ever Get That Sinking Feeling?

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THE CHALLENGE: Florida, well known for hurricanes and alligators, has another high-profile worry on its list: the possibility that the Earth could, at any moment, gobble up a house or two or even a whole block. Yes, Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the nation. Our client had a front-row seat to… Read more »

A Pain-Free Way to Subsidize Early-Childhood Education?

subsidize early childhood education

Should some of the tax deductions that we get for our charitable contributions instead go to subsidize early-childhood education? The Brookings Institution thinks so, despite the fact that charitable contributions (and the deductions that encourage them) help fund its very operations. It’s an idea that might find traction if the current Republican-controlled Congress has a… Read more »

8 Cost-Free Ways to Prevent Home Burglaries

preventing home burglaries

More than 1 million homes are burglarized every year in the U.S., many of them during the summer months. Why summer? Simply because that’s when many of us either leave for vacation or leave windows open and even doors unlocked. About 40 percent of annual household burglaries in the U.S. do not involve a forced… Read more »

Choosing the Right Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness program

According to a RAND survey, roughly half of U.S. employers with 50 or more employees sponsor some type of corporate wellness program. With rising health care costs and absenteeism due to health problems on the rise, wellness programs can be a good way to improve employee health and morale while cutting health-related costs for employers…. Read more »

Are You Carrying Enough Aviation Liability Insurance?

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No one likes regulatory overreach, but the fact that Colorado doesn’t require general aviation aircraft owners and operators to buy liability insurance just doesn’t make much sense. Colorado, it’s important to note, isn’t alone. A recent General Accounting Office survey of state aviation officials and analysis of state statutes and regulations found that the vast… Read more »