When Lawyers Sue Law Firms Over Discrimination

Some of the nation’s largest employers signed a pledge at the White House this summer agreeing to review their pay practices annually as well as their hiring and promotion policies. “We strive every day to create a world where people can belong anywhere, and that starts with creating a workplace where employees of every age,… Read more »

Amendment 69 Opposition from the Left and Right

If approved by voters on Election Day, Amendment 69 would kick off the most far-reaching health care reform in any state since the Affordable Care Act. Actually, it would have even larger implications than the ACA, creating an entirely new health care system and eliminating private insurance and Medicaid. Its proponents, of course, believe Amendment… Read more »

Directors and Officers Insurance: Your Last Line of Defense

The number of federal class action securities lawsuits shot up last year to 189, an 11 percent increase over the previous year and the most since the 2008 financial meltdown. Even more dramatically, the total “disclosure dollar loss” of cases filed in 2015 jumped to $106 billion from $57 billion in 2014, an 86 percent… Read more »

6 Ways to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

Bundling, or insuring your home and auto with the same carrier, is a fairly well-recognized way to save money on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Smoke detectors, alarm systems and gated community patrol services also help. But there’s a lot more you can do to lower the cost of your policy. Here are seven things that… Read more »

Homeowners in hail-prone Colo. now face higher deductibles

Insurance carriers over the past few years have been forced to raise premiums for homeowner’s insurance in Colorado in response to a seemingly unrelenting stream of hailstorms, floods and wildfires. Going even further, some carriers are now changing their deductible formulas. These insurers are imposing deductibles based on a percentage of a home’s value rather… Read more »

Tips on How to Travel Safely in Unsafe Places

The likelihood of falling victim to terrorism or kidnapping while traveling abroad is practically zero. But that doesn’t mean Americans who are overseas for business or pleasure shouldn’t take precautions. The biggest risk when you travel is street crime, Wes Odom, a veteran executive safety consultant at the Ackerman Group, said in a presentation Wednesday… Read more »

Foiling Construction Site Thefts

They are brazen, ruthless and cost the commercial and residential construction industry billions of dollars a year. Losses from thefts at construction sites, long a problem, have skyrocketed thanks to the building boom and the soaring price of materials such as copper, lumber and cement. Not just materials are disappearing. Thieves snatch doors, windows, bathtubs, appliances… Read more »