Insurance that Softens the Blow of Faraway Disaster

Hurricane Matthew battered Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in early October, inflicting up to $6 billion in losses across the Southeast. It was a devastating storm but, if your business is located in Colorado, you had nothing to worry about, right? Well, not entirely. Companies nowadays are doing more business with suppliers and vendors far… Read more »

Why Skiers (and Their Parents) Really Need Homeowner’s Insurance

Ski season has arrived once again and with it come concerns about injuries, hospitalization costs and liability. If you fall while skiing and are hurt, your medical insurance helps pay the costs. But what happens when you crash into and injure someone else? Or when your injury is another skier’s fault? Who pays? If you’re… Read more »

Keeping Sleepy Truck Drivers Alert, Premiums Down

It happened again, this time on a road near Palm Springs, Calif., when a tour bus slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer not long before sunrise. Killed were the driver and 12 of his passengers, all returning from a trip to a casino in the California desert. Exactly what might have caused the October… Read more »

7 Reasons to Fear Amendment 69

Amendment 69, known as ColoradoCare, would amend Colorado’s constitution to establish a single-payer health care system in the state. There are plenty of big questions about the amendment that remain unresolved, including those related to costs, coverage, access to care, accountability, regulation and transparency. Here are seven reasons to vote against it, although feel free… Read more »

Red-Hot Housing Market Drives Demand for Wraps

The Denver housing market has been hot, raising concerns about affordability and availability for those buying a home. Those issues also are a problem for residential construction companies in need of insurance. Because of Colorado’s construction-defect laws, finding traditional insurance coverage for an apartment, condominium or townhouse project can be expensive. That, in turn, has… Read more »

How to Control your Commercial Auto Policy Costs

Respondeat superior. Yes, that’s another Latin phrase few of us learned in school. But if you’re the owner of a company whose employees drive company-owned or even their own vehicles for work, it’s a phrase you’d better understand. Very simply, we’re talking about a legal doctrine that translates into “let the master answer.” That means… Read more »