A Roadmap to Rental Cars and Insurance

rental cars and insurance

No one likes reading the fine print in contracts, especially the ones you’re made to sign whenever you’re traveling for fun and want to get your rental car on the road quickly. That fine print, however, can help you decide whether to pay extra – often a lot extra – for the coverage that the… Read more »

Case Study: The Importance of Bridging Coverage Gaps

coverage gaps

THE CHALLENGE: A half-dozen insurance companies. More than a dozen renewal dates. Five agents. In short, a paperwork /administrative nightmare. That was the situation our client was dealing with when we sat down for our first meeting. The scenario was one we’ve seen repeatedly, especially with clients with homes in more than one state. The… Read more »

New Health Bill Could Allow Cheaper Plans, Fewer Benefits

GOP leaders released a modified draft of their legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare Thursday, hoping to win senators’ support with additional funding for combating opioids and a controversial measure that would allow insurance companies to sell plans that don’t comply with Obamacare consumer protections. If just three Republicans oppose the procedural motion planned for next… Read more »

10 Ways to Reduce Your Health Care Costs

health care costs

The way we purchase health care is unlike most other purchases we make. Many Americans will hunt for a coupon that saves them 50 cents at the local supermarket. However, when it comes to health care — a far more complex and expensive service — we rarely ask questions or consider all the options that… Read more »

Paid Parental Leave Gets Boost from Mormon Church

paid parental leave

In a significant shift in policy, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently announced it will offer paid maternity and parental leave to its full-time, benefited employees in the U.S. To human-resources managers (and business owners), the move was sure to add new urgency to the question of whether paid parental leave has… Read more »

A Better Environmental Pollution Insurance Policy

environmental pollution insurance

The EPA sued an oil and gas company the other day for alleged Clean Air Act violations, proving two things: 1. The Trump administration’s EPA, while seemingly more business-friendly today than it might have been under President Barrack Obama, nonetheless remains resolute in its pursuit of purported polluters. 2. The need for the right kind… Read more »

Hiring a Subcontractor? Let a Surety Take on the Risk

subcontractor surety risk

Few states have experienced the construction-industry labor shortage more than Colorado. For general contractors, the problem has made finding a reliable subcontractor more difficult than usual – much more difficult. Nearly 10 years after the housing bust drove an estimated 30% of construction workers into new fields, contractors everywhere are struggling to find workers. According… Read more »