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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "What makes CCIG a great insurance broker is that their people took the time to learn about our business.  As a result of our partnership and their ability to manage our insurance professionally, we have been able to focus on growing our business. It's a partnership that works very well." Jeff Adams, Principal/Managing Director Risas Dental and Braces
  • "We expected great things from CCIG, but we got more than we expected—a fully engaged 'consulting firm' continuously focused on our best interests. CCIG's tireless involvement in the management and mitigation of our risks is invaluable." Alek Orloff, CFO Alpine Waste & Recycling
  • "CCIG knows our business, our corporate culture, and our risk tolerances. The key to our successful relationship is that CCIG is continually tracking our needs and the insurance industry so we can focus on our business." Tom Tolkacz, CEO Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care
  • "When a hail storm caused significant roof damage to several of our hangars in Denver, the claim management service we received from CCIG was outstanding. The claim was large and presented challenges, but CCIG worked closely with the underwriter and contractors to maximize our compensation and expedite the repairs." Mark Johnson, President & CEO jetCenters of Colorado
  • "Our partnership with CCIG strengthens our relationship with our clients. With CCIG at the helm, we never have to worry about risk or compliance issues, allowing us to focus on our business and our clients." Mark Lestikow, CEO Closet Factory